Thursday, February 9, 2017

Share The Love

My #kinderfriends are sharing some LOVE this month.  Follow our Blog Hop and learn about some great opportunities to support some very special people and organizations that are close to our hearts.

This week we have been reading about working animals.  All different kinds of animals from dogs, horses and monkeys!  These animals are trained to provide a service or help with some type of therapy.  Here in our community everyone knows what a Guide Dog is and what type of service they provide.  We all know this because here in Palmetto Florida is the headquarters for Southeastern Guide Dogs.  You can see these Guide Dogs being trained in businesses and neighborhoods all over our community.  We are lucky to have them visit our school for special reading visits!  How LUCKY are we!!  I have seen these trainers and dogs work hard to help all kinds of people in need.  I would like to share the LOVE and donate 10% of my TPT earnings to The Southeastern Guide Dogs program right here in my own community!  

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Thanks for taking a look and Happy Valentine's Day!!

This is what we are reading this week!

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